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Sheriff Terry Langley

Shop With A Cop

Deputy Bramblett, Deputy Calhoun, Investigator Hulsey, Deputy Hutchison, Deputy North, and Deputy Milsap worked in conjunction with Carrollton PD and other agencies to serve Carroll County children through our annual "Shop With A Cop" initiative.

Environmental Excellence Award 

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office was honored by Keep Carroll Beautiful with an Environmental Excellence Award for their commitment to keeping the county beautiful and litter free. The Sheriff's Office has provided work crew cleanups to pick up litter, support of the litter hotline to report violations, and training on litter laws for law enforcement officers. Sheriff Terry Langley, Chief Deputy Brad Robinson and Major David Jordan accepted the award for the Carroll County Sheriff's Office.


It is officially Christmas in the Carroll County Sheriff's Office!



Officer Survival

Officer Survival is a 40 hour class designed to develop the proper mindset, threat awareness, and skills needed to improve an officers odds of surviving various dangerous situations. Students receive training in firearms skills, defensive tactics, patrol tactics, vehicle stops, domestic disputes, and building searches.

No Shave November

If you see a deputy who needs a razor blade, he's probably participating in Sheriff Langley’s “No-Shave for Charity” event. To participate, officers must have donated $50 to two local organizations - Impact West Georgia for their DESERVE program and the Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park - in honor of Veteran’s Day. This effort sends a clear message that the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office supports and appreciates all those who have served our country to secure our freedom!

National Honor Guard Academy

Last month, Deputy Damon Addison, Deputy Sam Hack, and Deputy Tyler North travelled to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for specialized Honor Guard Training. Hosted by the National Honor Guard Academy, these officers were taught flag etiquette and other important ceremonial procedures.





Carroll County Jail Population Report

The Sheriff's Office offers access to our current Jail population report. The public can view information on who is incarcerated, what the subject is charged with, bond amount, if one is available, and arrest date. The page also shows a booking photo. To access the page follow the link below.

Carroll County Jail Population Report

Access can also be obtained by selecting the Community Information Tab and then going to CCSO Jail Population Tab

Georgia Law Regarding Inmate Photos

RE:          Dissemination of “Booking Photographs”

“Booking Photographs” No Longer Available On Website
Effective July 1, 2014, OCGA 35-1-18 takes effect which prohibits law enforcement agencies from posting booking photographs to a website; removes “booking photographs” from being obtained as “Open Records”; and prohibits the release of booking photographs unless certain conditions are met. In order to comply with those conditions the following procedure(s) shall take place immediately.

What Changed?
In the 2014 Legislative Session, HB 845 was introduced by Representatives Strickland of the 111th, Powell of the 171st, Rutledge of the 109th, Bruce of the 61st, Pruett of the 149th, and others. Both the House and the Senate passed the legislation with zero negative votes. It was signed into law by the Governor on April 24, 2014 to become effective July 1st, 2014.

Things to remember:

  • The Sheriff’s Office will no longer post “booking photographs” to our jail website.
  • All requests to obtain photograph(s) shall be made in person and shall be in writing on the approved affidavit
  • In addition to the written affidavit, the person requesting booking photographs shall provide pictured government identification (driver’s license, military ID, etc.) and a copy of the id shall be attached to the affidavit.
  • (If the requester is representing an organization or firm, proof of employment or such representation should be verified and attached to the affidavit.)
  • Further dissemination is prohibited except as provided for by law.

Click here for affidavit form


Outdoor Warning Siren Information

We have received a electronic copy of the Outdoor Warning Siren brochure providing details to how the system works.

Copy- Outdoor Warning Siren Brochure





Carroll County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce it is a State of Georgia Certified Agency 


On September 15, 2010 the Carroll County Sheriff's Office became only the 15th Sheriff’s Office to become certified in the State of Georgia out of 159 counties.  Less that 15% of agencies eligible to achieve the State Certification have accomplished this objective.  We are very proud of our employees for the effort and professionalism they have displayed as we achieved this goal.