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Major Dodson



Major Dodson joined the Carroll County Sheriff's Office in 1990 after serving four (4) years in the United States Marine Corp during the Desert Storm Conflict. Major Dodson began his career in the Jail Division where he became a shift supervisor.

In 1994 he transferred to the Uniformed Patrol Division where he worked as a Patrol Officer and later became one the four (4) K9 handlers within the department. In 1999 he was one of the officers assigned to the Special Operations Drug Unit where he served until he was promoted to Captain of the Jail Division in 2000.

He later transferred and became the Captain of the Patrol Division and was promoted to Major of the Law Enforcement Division in 2002 by Sheriff Langley. He is responsible for all law enforcement personnel within the department. He is also an instructor specializing in the areas of Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and other academic areas.