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School Resources

School Resource Officers

Since taking office in 2001, Sheriff Langley and the Carroll County Sheriff's Office have been committed to the safety of the Carroll County School System. Through use of School Resource Officers (SROs),six officers, directed by Lt. Danny Shoemake and supervised by Sgt. Lee Maxwell, have been assigned to work with school officials at various schools throughout Carroll County. These officers are charged with enforcing criminal laws on school property and to assist school officials with the overall safety, security and order of the school system.


Educational Activities Generating Learning Excellence

Sheriff Terry E. Langley and the Carroll County Sheriff's Office are dedicated to bridging the gap between educators, parents, students, and law enforcement. Beginning Fall of 2006 while working together with the Carroll County Board of Education E.A.G.L.E. has replaced D.A.R.E. in the school system.

While D.A.R.E. is an excellent educational program it has a limited curriculum. After reviewing the needs of Carroll Counties youth, Sheriff Langley decided there was a need for more educational resources in each individual school. D.A.R.E. did not allow the flexibility to focus in on those specific areas of need, however E.A.G.L.E. does.

E.A.G.L.E. will allow each instructor to teach all lessons in the set curriculum, but will be flexible to focus on any specific area of need. The curriculum is not just about drug abuse prevention education.

E.A.G.L.E. is designed to begin in the 5th grade and continue on into the Senior year of high school. At present the 5th grade is complete and the focus will soon shift to more structured programs for the higher grades. Educating students with as much information as possible to nurture them into becoming responsible citizens of society.


Provides 5 basic lessons:

Lesson 1: Bullying and Peer Pressure
Teaching students how to handle bullying and to resist negative peer pressure.

Lesson 2: Alcohol and Tobacco
Providing accurate information about alcohol and tobacco usage.

Lesson 3: Marijuana, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine
Help students to understand the dangers in using illegal drugs.

Lesson 4: Gangs and Violence
Educating students with information on how to avoid gang activity and consequences of violent behavior.

Lesson 5: Awareness of Internet Dangers
To inform students of safety precautions to take while using the internet.

Deputies instructing the E.A.G.L.E. Program will teach at each school using role playing, videos and discussion. The curriculum emphasizes consequences of negative behaviors will showing students that they can make their own positive decisions.

E.A.G.L.E. is also a resource for parents; to provide them with educational knowledge about drugs, peer pressure and other essential factors encountered in a young adults life. It can help to open the communication lines between parent/guardian and student.

We as parents, teachers, students, and law enforcement officers must work together for the good of our children and society. With your help and support the E.A.G.L.E. program will be a complete success and the goals that we envision can be obtained.

Tips For Parents:

  • Establish family rules that make it clear that drug use will not be tolerated.Educate yourself about drugs, so you can talk informatively with your children and answer their questions.Spend time with your children listening to their concerns and showing how much you love and care for them.
  • Recognize that YOU are their most important role model.
  • Because peer pressure is a major factor in teen drug use, know your children's friends.

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